How to Get Rid of Ads on Peacock TV in 2024

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Peacock TV is a popular streaming service offering a wide range of content. But, does Peacock have ads? Understanding whether Peacock and its Premium tiers have ads is crucial for those seeking an uninterrupted viewing experience.

This article will explore the various options available in 2024 to help you get rid of ads on Peacock TV, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable streaming experience.

Does Peacock Have Ads?

Yes, Peacock has ads on its standard plan (Premium), providing content at a lower cost with commercial interruptions. Streaming ads are strategically placed to target specific audiences, offering a balance between content availability and relevant CTV advertising.

Why Does Peacock Premium Have Commercials?

Peacock Premium has commercials to keep the subscription cost lower while still providing premium content. These over-the-top ads help generate revenue that supports the production and licensing of shows and movies.

Peacock Premium vs. Premium Plus

What is the difference between these two Peacock plans?

  • Peacock Premium offers over 80,000 hours of TV, movies, sports, and live events, including current NBC and Bravo shows for $5.99/month.
  • Peacock Premium Plus includes all the benefits of Premium with an ad-free experience (with limited exclusions). It also offers the ability to download and watch select titles offline, and access your local NBC channel live for $11.99/month. This upgrade ensures a more seamless and flexible viewing experience.

How to Get Rid of Ads on Peacock TV

There are several reasons why someone may want to get rid of Peacock ads.

  • Watch Peacock TV Without Interruptions: Ads can disrupt the flow of watching your favorite shows and movies, making the viewing experience less enjoyable.
  • Preserve Your Device’s Battery: Streaming with ads consumes more power as your device frequently switches between content and commercials, draining your battery faster.
  • Save Mobile Data: TV advertising uses additional data, which can be a concern for those with limited data plans.

So, how do you get rid of Peacock ads? There are two primary ways:

Upgrade to Premium Plus

Upgrading to Peacock Premium Plus removes most ads, allowing for a seamless viewing experience. Again, this plan also includes features like downloading select titles for offline viewing and accessing your local NBC channel live.

Get an Ad Blocker

Using an ad blocker can prevent ads on Peacock when streaming from devices like laptops or mobile phones. However, this method is device-dependent and may not work on smart TVs or streaming devices like Roku or Apple TV.

Benefits of Peacock Ads for Consumers

Despite the minor inconvenience at times, Peacock ads offer several benefits to consumers.

1. Access to Lower-Cost Content

Ads allow Peacock to offer content at a lower subscription cost, making premium content more accessible to a broader audience. This model ensures viewers can enjoy a vast library of shows and movies without a high price tag.

2. Exposure to Tailored Advertisements

Consumers are exposed to ads that are relevant and tailored to their interests, enhancing the viewing experience. These personalized ads can introduce users to new products and services that align with their preferences.

3. Support for Diverse Content Creation

Revenue generated from ads supports the production and licensing of diverse content. This financial model enables Peacock to invest in a wide variety of shows, movies, and original programming, enriching the overall content library.

Benefits of Peacock Ads for Advertisers

How about for the marketers in the crowd? Peacock ads offer significant benefits for advertisers, including:

1. Targeted Advertising Opportunities

Advertisers can reach specific audiences through tailored ad placements, ensuring their messages are seen by relevant viewers. This precision targeting increases the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

2. Increased Brand Exposure

Ads on Peacock provide brands with extensive exposure through a diverse range of content. This broad visibility helps in building brand awareness and recognition among a wide audience.

3. Detailed Consumer Behavior Insights

Peacock’s ad platform offers detailed analytics on viewer behavior and engagement. Advertisers can leverage these insights to refine their strategies and improve the performance of their marketing efforts.

Peacock Without Ads: Final Thoughts

Getting rid of ads on Peacock TV enhances your streaming experience by providing uninterrupted content, preserving device battery life, and saving data. Whether you choose to upgrade to Peacock Premium Plus for an ad-free experience or use an ad blocker on certain devices, understanding your options is key.

Additionally, while Peacock ads support lower subscription costs and diverse content, they also offer targeted advertising benefits for both consumers and advertisers. By navigating these options, you can tailor your Peacock TV experience to better suit your viewing preferences.

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